Gold Nanoparticles: Plasmonic Aspects and Applications

By Dr. Abhitosh Kedia and Dr. Pandian Senthil Kumar

Paperback and e–book


130 pages

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About The Book

Plasmonics is an emerging research field for studying the interactions between electromagnetic waves and matter at the nanoscale. This book Gold nanoparticles: “Plasmonic Aspects and Applications” presents an appealing overview of the topic to both UG & PG students and researchers in describing the interaction of light with metal nanoparticles and nanoantennas for light radiation from concepts to recent discoveries in synthesis as well as applications.

Further this book gives detailed information on the systematic tuning/reshaping procedures for the synthesis of unusual new asymmetrical shape of the metal nanoparticles in high yield and purity, having plasmonic resonances spanning the entire visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, that has not been envisaged before with much ease.

About The Authors

Dr. Abhitosh Kedia, is currently working as an assistant professor in Department of physics in UKA Tarsadia University, Bardoli, Gujarat since March, 2016. He completed his Masters and Ph.D from Department of Physics (University of Delhi). He has many credentials under his name such as being district topper in CBSE class 12 physics, qualifying JAM-IIT (Mathematics), CSIR-NET-Physical Sciences (JRF), first prize in state level quiz competition. He has more than twelve international publications in reputed journals with an average impact factor of 4.

He has more than 130 citations to his credit. He has represented his work in several national and international conferences and has also bagged the best poster presentation award in ICYRAM, Singapore, 2012. His major research interest has been in the synthesis of metal nanoparticles of different shapes and sizes. He has also shown his curiosity in understanding the plasmonic aspects and applications of nanoparticles. His major subject of interest covers quantum mechanics and condensed matter physics. With this book the author wants to share his findings on nanoparticles which can act as a reference material for all the aspirants of bachelors, masters and research levels.

Dr. Pandian Senthil Kumar, the experimental condensed matter physicist, is currently an assistant professor at the the department of physics @ Astrophysics, University of Delhi, INDIA. His major research interests include nanoplasmonics and nanophotonics, utilizing a wide range of spectroscopic/microscopic techniques

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