Building Excellence: Competency Mapping in the ITeS Landscape

Dr. Divya Pant and Jagmohan Chhabra

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104 pages

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About The Authors

Dr. Divya Pant, is a renowned faculty in the domain of Human Resource Management and Business Analytics. She has been associated with India’s Top Business Schools such Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur (Research Associate), Jaipuria Institute of Management (Assistant Professor) and stands as the esteemed Founder and Research Consultant at The Blueprint Research Consultancy, a distinguished entity synonymous with excellence in research and consulting. With a profound commitment to advancing knowledge and driving meaningful impact, Dr. Pant's expertise extends across various facets of research, consultancy, and academia. She has obtained her doctoral research as an ICSSR Fellow in Management (HRM), from Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar. Besides this, she possesses MBA degree in HR and Finance from Kumaun University, and MA Psychology. Additionally, She possess a Diploma as Data Scientist from Jigsaw Academy helping her to use latest tools and techniques in the field of Human Resource Management, Organisation Behaviour, Data Analytics, Research and Scientific Decision making, using SPSS, AMOS, R, Python, Tableau, SAS, Machine learning and AI. Her research project with Indian Institute of Management Udaipur on Experience of ‘Benched’ Employees in the Information Technology Industry received significant accolades. Amid great demand from scholars and enthusiast of Research and analytics, she has been conducting various workshops on data science, questionnaire designing, factor analysis, research methodology, stress management, Industrial oriented jobs, and career counselling. She has to her credit various publications and chapters in ABDC, Scopus, UGC Care and Taylor & Francis along with research paper presentation in the Academy of Management (AOM) conference. Additionally, she excels in the areas of HR analytics, Industry Dynamics, Competency Mapping, Employee Engagement, Organizational Learning, Network Analysis and Economic Sociology.

Jagmohan Chhabra, is a highly accomplished and persuasive professional, bringing over two decades of rich and extensive experience across various domains within the Telecom and Information Technology Domains. His multifaceted expertise spans in key areas of showcasing a profound impact on Customer Experience, Business Operations, Projects Management, Business Transformation/Automation, Strategic Decision Making, Business and Operational Excellence, Client Success Management, Compliance, Vendor Management and Service Delivery.

About The Book

"Building Excellence" is a definitive guide designed to empower individuals within the Information Technology-enabled Services (ITeS) industry. This comprehensive resource is curated for professionals eager to amplify their capabilities, elevate their careers, and contribute significantly to the dynamic landscape of the ITeS sector. Rooted in practical insights and actionable strategies, this book serves as an indispensable companion for those aiming to unlock their full potential and become indispensable assets within their organizations.

Key Features:

Holistic Approach to Competency Development: The book adopts a holistic approach to competency development, guiding readers through a journey of self-discovery and growth. It addresses not only technical competencies but also interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and adaptability—attributes essential for success in the multifaceted ITeS industry.

Empowerment for Professional Advancement: "Building Excellence" is more than a guide; it is a tool for empowerment. It provides actionable insights and practical tools to help professionals take charge of their career trajectories. By emphasizing the development of core competencies, the book positions individuals to advance confidently in their chosen career paths.

Navigating the Ever-evolving ITeS Landscape: Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of the ITeS industry, the book equips readers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate change successfully. It delves into strategies for staying relevant in a dynamic environment, ensuring that professionals not only survive but thrive amid technological advancements and industry shifts.

Unlocking Full Potential: The central theme revolves around unlocking one's full potential. Through competency models, theoretical aspects and practical examples, the book inspires readers to realize their inherent strengths and develop competencies that align with their unique abilities. It encourages a mindset of continuous improvement and self-discovery.

Invaluable Contribution to Organizations: "Building Excellence" goes beyond individual development; it underscores the importance of becoming an invaluable asset to organizations. By fostering core competencies, professionals are positioned to make significant contributions to their teams, projects, and overall organizational success.

Practical Strategies for Skill Enhancement: The book doesn't just provide theoretical concepts; it offers practical strategies for skill enhancement. Whether it's technical proficiency, effective communication, leadership, or adaptability, readers will find actionable steps to enhance their competencies and excel in their roles.

Professional Impact and Industry Significance: By guiding professionals to develop competencies that align with industry demands, "Building Excellence" positions them to make a lasting impact. The book instils a sense of purpose and a commitment to excellence, encouraging readers to contribute meaningfully to the growth and innovation of the ITeS sector.

"Building Excellence" is not just a guide; it's a roadmap for individuals seeking to thrive in the ITeS industry. Through its pages, readers embark on a transformative journey, discovering the keys to unlocking their full potential and making a lasting mark in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

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