Spoilage of Valuable Spices by Microbes

By Dr. Kuljinder Kaur

Paperback and e–book


70 pages

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About The Book

Dried spices are important food commodity and are used as an ingredient in variety of foods. However, there is a vast spoilage of spices due to contamination with pathogens which is becoming potential hazard for public health. This book was written with objective to identify the biological and chemical hazard that can lead to major natural contamination in food products associated with use of spices. To provide knowledge on biological hazards of spices through analytical methods for appropriate determination of microbes is also the one of the aim of this book. This book is valuable in getting knowledge that how the contributing factors can be analyzed and how the pathogens responsible for spoilage of spices can be detected. This book also has some review of literature on the presence of pathogens in spices showing the evidence of food borne illness outbreak which is correlated with work done. This book enlighten that how the contamination of valuable spices can be detected and preventive measures can be taken timely to avoid product loss. Thoroughly knowledge of pathogens in spices, following control measures for their prevention and making food containing spices safer is my small effort in the form of this book.

About The Authors

Dr. Kuljinder Kaur is working as Microbiologist (Lab Incharge) at National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM), Sonipat is having nearly 14 years of experience in academics and industry. She holds a Ph. D. In Microbiology from Mewar University, Rajasthan and M. Phil in Microbiology from CH. Devilal University, Hisar. She has attended and presented papers in many conferences. She has published 5 Research paper in International journals and 2 papers in National Journals.

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