Marketing Management Simplified

Dr. Priti Kiran

Paperback and e–book


285 pages

Rs. 1000/- ($80)

About The Author

Dr. Priti Kiran, is an experienced professional with a comprehensive background spanning 17 years in both academia and the corporate sector. With expertise in teaching, training, administrative activities, and personnel management, Dr. Kiran brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insight to her role as an Assistant Professor. She is renowned for her hands-on approach to education and her commitment to fostering the development of students. Dr. Kiran is a prolific researcher, with seven publications in national and international journals, along with numerous paper presentations at national seminars and conferences. Additionally, she has conducted numerous sessions on skill development, Motivational ideas, Personality Development and fitness further enriching her contribution to the academic community.

About The Book

"Marketing Management Simplified" is the essential resource for comprehending the fundamentals of marketing devoid of all the bewildering terminology. Suppose you have an excellent product or service, but you are unsure on how to market it to consumers. This book deconstructs the fundamental techniques and resources required to draw clients and expand your company.

Everything is described in basic, understandable language, from determining your target market to developing effective ads and comprehending consumer behaviour. Regardless of your background—small business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or simply interested in learning more about marketing—this book offers helpful guidance and realistic, real-world examples that help you understand the ideas.

You'll discover how to create a marketing strategy, use social media wisely, and assess your progress. "Marketing Management Simplified" is like having an approachable professional at your side to guide you through the marketing world with assurance and comfort.

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