Interdisciplinary Research in the Current Era

by Dr Namita Dixit

Paperback and e–book


219 pages

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About The Editor

Dr Namita Dixit is a prolific academician and researcher. She completed her PhD (International Business) from Lucknow University in the year 2004. She has a rich experience of over 22 years in the industry, including four years in corporate – Xerox Corporation, USA, where she worked in strategy building for startups, NGOs, Institution Building, Accreditation Committee and Administration. She has presented research papers at various international and national conferences. She has published her research work in various journals, magazines and proceedings of repute. She has organized various International Conferences, Business Summits and Symposiums for various institutes. Spearheading the International Business specialization, she collaborated with several universities and institutes in the US, Europe and the Middle East like IDRAC Business School, AISEC, Valparaiso University, GIIM and many more. She has also chaired technical sessions in various National & International Seminars/Conferences at various prestigious forums.

Her Major subject domains are International Business, Strategic Management, Business Environment and Managerial Economics

She is a Member of Editorial Advisory Board of:

1. International Journal of Advance & Innovative Research (2394-7780) Impact Factor: 7.36 ( UGC Approved Journal No 63571 )

2. International Journal of Research in Management & Social Science (2322-0899) Impact Factor: 6.45

She has Conducted Number of Faculty Development Programme in the areas of Data Analysis using SPSS and Improving Teaching Pedagogy

She has published a book titled, ‘Convergence of Social Innovation and Digital Transformation in Business’ having an ISBN: 978 -81-928555-5-4 by Cengage Publishing House India Pvt ltd headquartered in Boston, MA with an office hub located in San Francisco, CA.

She has contributed a chapter titled ‘A rational Analysis of Digital Intelligence in Boosting International Trade in the edited book “Digitalisation & Innovations in Business” having ISBN: 978-81-944813-1-7 by Empyreal Publishing House, and is available on publisher’s website

About The Book

The aim of this book is many-folds. The author presents a practical application of multidisciplinary research based on the experience of editing a book comprised of multidisciplinary cases and focusing on linkages to all the areas of practical exposure. There are many theoretical accounts of how one may approach multidisciplinary research, but here the authors aim to offer a practical account of how the theoretical goal of multidisciplinary research can play out in the ‘real world’. After addressing the current conceptual understanding of multidisciplinary versus interdisciplinary research, the authors will explain how useful these concepts, in fact, are when applied to the typical constraints that many academics face today in conducting joint research. The author will provide lessons for future multidisciplinary collaboration and suggestions for developing methods of multidisciplinary research.

The book offers multidisciplinary thinking to students and everyone else interested in understanding the world from a new perspective. This list helps researchers tucked away in their daily grind develop their next breakthrough idea. It also provides an original perspective on a range of controversial issues in educational and social research through case studies of multi-disciplinary and mixed-method research involving children, teachers, schools and communities in Europe and the developing world like India. The case studies from researchers "across continents" and "across disciplines" explore a range of interesting issues, including the relevance of research approaches to very different national settings, and to the kinds of questions being asked; the barriers of language and culture between researcher and researched; articulating the thinking and feelings of very young children; the challenges of dealing with "partiality" of data; issues of identity, subjectivity and reflexivity; and transferring research approaches from one national setting to the problems posed in another.

The book also talks about researches in the area of Tourism, Spacecraft electronics, cassava production technologies among farmers and the growing unicorns in India among other areas of interest. It is a compilation of number of thought process from several burning and growing areas of practical exposure.

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