Financial Capability of Students: An Increasing Challenge in Indian Economy

By Dr. Priyanka Malik

Paperback and e–book


155 pages

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About The Book

Every person has to deal with financial matters on day to day basis. Ineffective money management on the daily basis can result into financial crisis. In the same context, it is quite essential to ascertain the financial capability of Indian youth, especially college students pursuing professional courses, those who would form the so called educated middle class in future. Is it dependent on family’s financial background, educational status of parents and the subject matter of the studies (management or engineering) they pursue? Here researcher wants to identify financial background is improving the financial capability of students or not? How education of the parents is helping their children in financial planning or taking best decision? Financial Capability is required for financial well-being of the individual and his/her family. India has been a male dominating society. In this book it has been tried to find out whether gender bias is still persisting even among young educated persons in India? Indian economy will be adversely impacted if the youth will not have proper financial capability of handling financial crisis and then it will lead to economic crisis of the country.

About The Authors

Dr. Priyanka Malik is Assistant Professor at Amity International Business School, Amity University, Noida. She has done her MBA, Mphil and Ph.d one of the renowned university of India i.e. Banasthali Vidyapith. She has 18 years of experience in teaching and research. She believes in challenging the students to become better learner and a good human being. She is a reviewer of InderScience and many other reputed journals and has many publication in national and international

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