Social Media Marketing and Consumer Behavior

By Dr. Vinod S. Chandwani

Paperback and e–book


208 pages

Rs. 550/-

About The Book

Social Media Marketing has become an essential aspect of business and consumers. It comprises of all Social Networking sites and tools like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Amazion, Flipkart etc. This book is orgainsed in a systematic way from Introduction to conclusion and is in a very lucid language.

This book is the First Edition on Social Media Marketing and its impact on consumers. We are living in a Modern Era, where online purchasing and selling is common now. In the book the author has given detailed explanation about how Social Media Marketing is changing the behavior of consumers.

The purpose of this book is to bring forth the various aspects of Social Media Marketing. We hope that this book will be helpful for students, researchers and professionals who are doing study or research in the area of Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

About The Authors

Dr. Vinod S. Chandwani is Assistant Professor at K. G. Joshi College of Arts and N. G. Bedekar College of Commerce, Thane. He has completed his Masters in Commerce and Doctorate in Philosophy from JJT University, Rajasthan. He has published several books on Auditing and Accountancy. He has participated and presented many research papers with Impact Factors at various National and International Level seminars and conferences.

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