Advances in Mathematical Sciences (A Collection of Survey Research Articles)

By Dr. Zakir Ahmed

Paperback and e–book


110 pages

Rs. 650/- ($18)

About The Book

The book is a collection of selected topics from various areas of mathematics and statistics. It begins with articles in algebra enunciating the recent developments in those areas. Then articles in number theory with topics ranging from congruences to partitions, Pells equations,some advances in game theory, topology, functional analysis and statistics. It is hoped that this book would serve as a ready reference for someone who is interested in the topics presented here.

About The Authors

Dr. Zakir Ahmed is working as an Assistant Professor, Barnagar College, Sorbhog, Assam. He did his M. Sc. in Mathematics from Tezpur University in the year 2011. He completed his Ph. D. degree in 2016 from Tezpur University with the topic entitled “Congruences for some partition functions using dissections of q-products and Ramanujan’s theta functions”. He has been teaching undergraduate classes in Mathematics since 2015.
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